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Headquartered in Singapore, AT Capital Group was founded by Mr. Arvind Tiku, to leverage global opportunities across established as well as emerging sectors.

About us

AT Capital Group has an asset portfolio worth approximately US$2.5 billion with global investments in residential and commercial real estate, hospitality, natural resources, renewable energy, engineering and construction. The group's geographic and financial reach continues to grow through its strategic investments in high-growth sectors globally.

We strongly believe that the welfare of the communities we operate amongst, is of fundamental importance to our growth and sustainability. We support a number of corporate social responsibility programmes to enrich and improve the lives of the under privileged in various countries. In our continuing efforts to expand our reach in the community, we have spearheaded projects to fund and deliver welfare and education services to children and senior citizens in the region. Please click here for more information on AT Capital Group's CSR programme.

Message from Founder

Privacy Equity
Our Private Equity Policy

Our private investment policy is similar to that of the traditional private equity investment model except that we make proprietary investments using our own funds and do not solicit or deploy funds for third party investors. The AT Capital group is not limited to the typical leveraged buyout model and has grown its business portfolio from the ground up. We actively participate in strategic management of the businesses we invest in, usually taking a majority stake in our portfolio companies. AT Capital Group is not restricted by fixed investment horizons.

As a private investment firm, we actively seek out investments in businesses with strong management teams and promising business models but which are unable to reach their potential due to under-capitalization. We work with the management to enhance their business performance by providing strategic direction, aligning incentives, improving business plans, creating operational efficiencies and strengthening corporate governance.

Through a combination of strategic change, high touch management intervention and sustained investment, we seek to bring about transformation in the businesses in which we invest and enhance overall value for all stakeholders.

Our Approach

AT Capital Group targets both short-term open market instruments (debt, equity, metals and other liquid assets) and strategic mid-to-long-term investments in sectors of demonstrated expertise (residential and commercial real estate, hospitality, natural resources, renewable energy, engineering and construction).

We invest in asset-backed businesses in core sectors that are at the cusp of fundamental business transition, where we can adopt a long-term approach with a view to transforming the business. Taking a top-down approach to investing, we diligently study macro trends to spot undiscovered opportunities.

We create value by investing in businesses where our capital, strategic insight, high-touch management involvement and global relationships can drive transformation and realize optimal growth potential.

Our Culture

Our culture is a broad reflection of how we choose to conduct ourselves.

  • Lateral Thinking
    Lateral Thinking

    We inspire innovative thinking. Our teams are continuously encouraged to challenge conventional wisdom and apply lateral thinking to find better ways to do business – often to change the paradigm. We actively promote an environment that breeds an entrepreneurial spirit and empowers decision making.

  • Transparency

    We encourage open communication and debate that are anchored on logic, research and studied opinion, fostering an environment of transparency in all our investment and operating processes. This, we believe, enhances the quality of our decision-making and the effectiveness of our teams. It also helps our stakeholders – employees, investee companies, governments and trade bodies, in understanding our business objectives, and how our efforts contribute to the wider community.

  • Our Teamwork

    Our abilities are augmented by our team of professionals, each possessing broad international exposure and in-depth sector experience supported by local knowledge. Our teams display a strong collaborative culture where inclusive, consensus based decision making is allowed to flourish.

We believe in flat organizational structures and operate in a non-hierarchical environment.

We are a merit driven firm and an equal opportunities employer. Our human resource policies aim to provide a work-life balance through commitment to family, community service and other outside interests.