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Leveraging its deep experience, long-standing relationships and extensive networks, AT Capital Group invests extensively in markets that we understands namely India, China, Netherlands, Singapore, Dubai and CIS Region.

AT Capital Group's strategy is focused on recognising the potential of companies and geographies. Leveraging its deep experience, long-standing relationships and extensive networks, AT Capital Group invests extensively in markets that it understands, namely India, China, Netherlands, Singapore, Dubai and CIS Region. It is open to both control and minority investments, where there are opportunities to generate and enhance value. AT Capital Group is well financed with its single shareholding, flat structure and lean investment team able to evaluate and close transactions swiftly and effectively.

AT Capital

To maintain a balanced portfolio, AT Capital Group targets both short-term open market instruments (debt, equity and other liquid assets) and strategic mid-to-long-term investments in sectors in which the group has demonstrated expertise (residential and commercial real estate, hospitality, natural resources, renewable energy, engineering and construction). While it is relatively sector agnostic, AT Capital Group typically invests in high growth sectors. AT Capital Group works closely with the management teams of its portfolio companies playing an active strategic role in enabling them to realise their full potential.



We invests in mid-market buyout and growth capital opportunities across a range of industries in established, profitable companies with experienced management teams, where we can deploy capital and leverage our core strength in financial structuring, leveraging our global network and exploit strategic insight to augment growth.

Our key geographic markets for investment are India, China, Netherlands, Singapore, Dubai and CIS Region, where we have committed investments in sectors from residential and commercial real estate, hospitality to natural resources, renewable energy, engineering and construction.

We adopt a “partnership” approach to investing and seek to support entrepreneurial management teams to consolidate or achieve industry-leading positions for their businesses. Our principal objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by developing a diversified portfolio of investments within our principal geographic markets.

Management Business

The Management teams of all our target companies have a proven, successful track record of managing businesses. We look for businesses with strong visionary management teams, which possess the right skills and commitment to increase the value of the business. The Management teams of these companies are capable of retaining control of day-to-day operations while working closely with AT Capital Group executives on strategic and performance related matters to drive long term value and growth.


We typically invest in asset-backed business. This helps protect the value of our investments and offers a stable platform for growth. Although we are largely sector agnostic, we typically invest in areas where we have demonstrated vertical expertise. We invest in established companies, which have a profitable track record and are looking for growth capital.

creating value

One of the key focus areas of our investments is to create and enhance stakeholder value.

Given our long-term approach to investing, we remain singularly focused on transforming businesses with an aim towards sustained value creation for all stakeholders of the organization. We aim to achieve this through:

Transformational Strategy
Transformational Strategy

Identifying a transformational strategy is pivotal to creating business value. This may include executing a new business model, re-engineering and implementing a new operating model, repositioning a business within its industry, growing a business by acquisition or diversifying into new markets. Our extensive analysis of macro trends, supported by strategic insights and operational experience of our management moulds our investments into leaders in their industries.

High Touch Management
High Touch Management

We adopt a “high-touch” management approach to strategy and performance and - in particular where sustained leadership is required. We actively support revenue enhancement and cost reduction to invigorate value-creation. This often includes leveraging our industry knowledge, accessing our global network of resources and assisting in the recruitment of seasoned operating executives. We are thus able to build efficient and effective teams that can lead our companies into the future.

transformational capital

We invest significantly in our businesses to transform them. We call it “transformational capital” because capital and resources are used to take the business to the next level. We create and leverage innovative financing structures to give us a competitive advantage. We develop new capital programmes to improve performance and grow businesses organically. Where required, we also support scalable platforms for businesses to grow rapidly through acquisitions.

sustainable growth

Our investment approach is founded on delivering sustainable growth. Value cannot be created overnight. We embrace a patient approach to investing, and we encourage our portfolio companies to invest in future competitiveness, improve operating efficiencies and/or make strategic acquisitions where required to achieve sustainable growth to maximize stakeholder value.